Conference Topic

Table of Content :

1- Architecture and Urban Design & Planning

•    Intelligent buildings and sustainable architecture
•     Architecture and urban identity
•    Volatility of City and risk factors                                        
•    Principles and practices of sustainable development in architecture and urbanism (Green architecture, energy management, use of new materials)                                                       
•    Restrictions and measures of sustainable urban development
•    Good governance and public participation in sustainable urban development
•    Urban native architecture patterns and climate impact on urban
•    Urban elements and related issues
•    Pathology and construction law and civil law
•   The role of municipalities and councils in implementing the concepts of architecture and urbanism

2- Landscape architecture, urban landscape

•    Beautify Urban and new effects in architecture
•    Cultural perspective and historical context
•    Sustainable Landscape
•    Landscape, urban views and Environmental Psychology

3- Restoration

•    Approaches to improving and strengthening the urban fabric (Historical, old, unofficial)
•    Experience with the restoration of monuments

Important Dates


Full Paper Submission:

30thDecember , 2016

Conference Date:

2th - 4st february, 2017